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Welcome To BreadManla

BreadManLA specializes in wholesale bread utilizing a unique approach to help set your restaurant apart in today’s competitive market place. Our delicious, hearty, and crusty breads are always made and delivered fresh daily. At BreadmanLA every single loaf is homemade with the finest ingredients and the best whole grains.

Bread has always held an essential value in the history of our nutrition. The simple smell of fresh bread revives fond childhood memories. BreadManLA’s bread adds a touch of freshness and wholeness to any breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Our Packages

Brunch Box


1 x Cinnamon Swirl Brioche Toast 1″ thick (french toast style)
6 x Chocolate Croissants
6 x Almond Croissants
6 x Muffins choose one flavor Blueberry, Chocolate, Oat Bran, Lemon Poppy, Banana, Cranberry, Streusel



6 x Portugese burger buns
10 x Portugese New England Hot dog bun
6 x Almond Croissants
6 x chocolate chip cookies

Weekly Bread Box


1 x French Sourdough 1.5 lbs
6 x Portugese Burger Buns
1 x Italian Ciabatta
2 x French Baguette
6 x Butter Croissants
1 x Honey Whole Wheat Pullman toast

Butter Large Croissants


14 Pieces

Gluten Free Toast


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Wholesale Bread Los Angeles

Wholesale Bread Los Angeles

Wholesale Bread Los Angeles Although making bread does not require a lot of ingredients, it can be quite difficult if you are short on time. This is because making bread takes a lot of time and patience, which is why a lot of  people choose to go the wholesale route....

How is Bread Made?

How is Bread Made?

How is Bread Made? Key Ingredients in Bread Flour, yeast, water, and salt are the key ingredients used in making bread in Los Angeles. Of course there are other ingredients that can be used to make certain kinds of bread, but those are the key ingredients. Wheat flour...

Wholesale Gluten Free Bread

Wholesale Gluten Free Bread

Wholesale Gluten Free Bread What is gluten free bread? Gluten free bread is different than regular bread because it is healthier.  Gluten free food is made a specific way, removing the wheat protein. Instead of using wheat flour, they use another kind of flour, such...

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