How is Bread Made?

Key Ingredients in Bread

Flour, yeast, water, and salt are the key ingredients used in making bread in Los Angeles. Of course there are other ingredients that can be used to make certain kinds of bread, but those are the key ingredients. Wheat flour is used to make most bread in Los Angeles. When it comes to making bread in Los Angeles, it is important to choose flour that is of the highest quality. The quality of the flour directly translates to how the quality of the bread will be.


Yeast is also really important because it makes the dough rise, since it produces carbon dioxide gas. Yeast gives bread the familiar mouth watering flavor and aroma that we all enjoy. Water is important because it provides moisture for the bread. It is important to use the right amount of water to ensure that the texture is right to give the dough the elastic stretch that it needs. Salt is also very important because it gives bread flavor, as well as helping to strengthen the gluten. All of these key ingredients need to be of the highest quality to produce tasty bread in Los Angeles. There are no substitutes when it comes to making bread in Los Angeles; quality is key.